About RVA Coder Dojo

RVA Coder Dojo is a free, volunteer led, open source resource to help kids, ages 5-17, understand how to become digital producers.

Most children are outstanding digital consumers. Very few understand how the technology they consume is created. Our goal is to expose students to coding and inspire them by helping them learn more about how code makes up their digital world.

Computer science develops students’ computational and critical thinking skills and shows them how to create, not simply use, new technologies. This fundamental knowledge is needed to prepare students for the 21st century, regardless of their ultimate field of study or occupation.

We embrace the philosophy of "failing forward". We believe that through both success and failure, we create the foundations for knowledge.

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Upcoming Sessions (08/20/2016)


Scratch Programming: Homework Excuse Generator

Experience Level: Beginner

Recommended Ages: 7-12

School is just around the corner. Are you ready? In this project we'll create randomly generated excuses for why your homework isn't done following the classic formula of "My Dog" "ate" "my homework". Along the way we'll learn a little bit about what an Array is and how to use randomization to create thousands of different excuses. Of course this is just for fun! You're not allowed to actually use this for your school work! We want to you to do your homework!

This class is recommended for children who have never used Scratch before, or those who wish to learn about programming through a visual drag and drop style programming language.

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Web Technology

Web Programming: Top 5 Things this Summer

Experience Level: Beginner

Recommended Ages: 7-17

Summer is almost over. What were your favorite parts? Let's learn a little bit about making lists, and building pages by creating web pages about your top 5 things from this summer. We'll also teach you how to link in pictures on your pages.

Your web page will live on Mozilla's Webmaker website so you can share it with your friends and family if you like.

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Starter Project


The Hour of Code

The Hour of Code

Experience Level: Beginner - Experienced

Recommended Ages: 5-99

Did somebody say Star Wars and Minecraft?! Yes we did, because we have challenges that use both! Want to play with some REAL robots? We have those as well!

There will be options for a very wide variety of ages and levels of experience including some programming options favorable to early/pre-readers. This will not be a lecture but a self guided session with tools and mentors to help guide you through the experience.

This is a great way to "try out" the Dojo if you've never done coding before.

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RVA Coder Dojo
Richmond Public Library Main Branch

101 E Franklin St
Richmond, VA 23219

Meeting Location

Enter the library and walk directly down the stairs at the entrance. Our meeting spaces are at the bottom of those steps.


Parking is available both on the street and in the parking deck at 2nd and Franklin Street